Tuesday, December 17, 2013



URL: http://www.axiomrc.com

We are a recruitment consulting firm backed by MBAs from Harvard Business School, UChicago Booth, Wharton & LBS. We are looking to hire bright students for a paid internship in our firm.

Require: Students' from any stream can apply for this program

Earn Rs 2-6 lakhs/annum
Work hard and make money to party hard. You decide how much you want to work and earn. Remember that your future salary depends on your current one. The only thing worse than a poor internship salary is no internship salary.
Build an awesome resume
Do meaningful professional work you can show off. Don’t waste your talent on secretarial or BPO work. Don’t let low quality & unchallenging work destroy your future.
Become skilled & polished
Master work skills & professional tools. Be respected for what you know. Stop being the fresher whom nobody takes seriously.
 Work with word class managers

Work for world-class managers educated at Harvard & University of Chicago with international experience across America, Europe & Asia. Get managers who will always inspire and encourage you.

 Nature of work:
1.      Work from the comfort of your home
2.      Work for 3,4,5,6 or 7 days/week depending on how much you want to earn
3.      Use advanced software
4.      Interview a large number of people

Eligibility: There are no perquisites except that you must be
1.      Ambitious
2.      Optimistic
3.      Persistent
4.      Extremely intelligent
5.      Good English speaker & writer
6.      Able to learn with little guidance
7.      Exceptionally hard worker

Selection process: It is a marathon. You just need to make it to the finishing line. Amulti-stage selection process spanning 2-3 days leads to an offer. You will learn how to use various software and apply what you learned.

Interested students are requested to mail their RESUME at: hire@axiomrc.com with in 7 days

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