Saturday, December 12, 2015



Date:  January 7, 2016

Time: 10 am

Venue: Big Parlour


a. Report as per the notified time
b. 3 copies of current CV / RESUME 
c. 3 copies of current pass port size photographs
d. Original mark sheet (till date) and other documents and   a set of photocopy
e. Photo ID and address proof (Voter card, Pan Card, Driving licence, Pass port etc) 
f. Must carry SXC ID card
g. Dress code: Formal 
h. Wear clearly visible name tags during the process

Process: PPT, GD, PI
*** You need to fill up the Google Form by December 15, 2015 ( please check you mail)
*** With out Placement Hall Ticket you are not allowed to sit for the drive

Shortlisted by Google

1 Harsh Vardhan Mathran B.Com
2 Rishi  Gupta B.Com
3 Yash  Rajgarhia B.Com
4 Siddhant  Doshi B.Com
5 Rishav  Goel B.Com
6 Tanmay  Kapoor B.Com
7 Tanmoy   Pau B.Com
8 Shaun Shaurya Francis CMSA
9 Rohan  Gupta CMSA
10 Shreya  Sodhani ECOA
11 Debosmita  Saha ECOA
12 Madhuparna  Ganguly ECOA
13 Rohit  Sen ECOA
14 Pooja  Agrawal ECOA
15 Rohan  Upmanyu ECOA
16 Ashwarya  Khandelwal ECOA
17 Niyati  Mandhyan ECOA
18 Aditi  Ranasaria ECOA
19 Riya  Dhanania ECOA
20 Anusuya  Mitra MCV

Al,l the best.........

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