Monday, October 3, 2016




The Saviours was established on 21/10/2014, with the only motive to eradicate blood shortage in Kolkata. Today, it has grown to a team of 300+ people volunteering for the cause, with a database of 15000+emergency donors and has arranged over 500 donors in emergency to save lives. 
It started to execute blood camps and have conducted over 5 blood camps with a total of 650 blood units in last 4 months.

It was a one man show, which arranged donors in emergency. Now we are in 4 cities(Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata) 

We conduct various awareness sessions and various other events only through youth participation. We are not just focused on solving a social problem, but we are creating leaders by allowing the college students to lead, organise, execute and decide. 

Location - Kolkata

Position - NGO Communication and Leadership

Internship period - Minimum of 10 days, Maximum no limit

- Communicating the objectives of the NGO and getting donor registrations.
- Organising various awareness campaigns and events.
- Being a team leader and guiding interns under them.
- Handling Blood Requirement Requests
- Database Management and Enhancement. 

Students background - Any one interested 

Recruitment Process - Interested students are requested to mail their RESUME at: with in 7 days.....

For details please contact: Ms.Sharon T.V. - 8147487051

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