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Third Eye Consulting Services and Solutions is a one stop shop for all Data Engineering and Data Science services. We focus on the latest and most trending technologies and have capabilities across the entire technology stack. In addition to engineering projects, our team undertakes future forward projects in the space of Machine Learning, Predictive analytics, Artificial Intelligence,  Natural Language processing, Deep Learning and neural networks. 

Location: Sector V - Salt Lake city, Kolkata

a) Data Engineers 

 OBJECTIVE/ PURPOSE OF THE JOB: A passionate and committed Big Data Engineer will work alongside the data science team on full spectrum data pipelining, from raw data ingestion to optimization/operation, to building out analytics tables for consumption. The Big Data engineer will make recommendations to improve the effectiveness of big data and other analytical systems. 

EDUCATION, QUALIFICATIONS, AND SPECIFIC EXPERIENCE: 1. MS/BS with at least 5 years working experience. 2. Experienced Java/Python developer. 3. 1 to 2 years’ experience with big data technologies like Hadoop, Map Reduce, Spark, Kafka etc. 4. Experience with Machine learning systems a plus. 5. High team communication ability; collaborative, engaging, and willing to lead group sessions 6. Excellent writing and project documentation ability - demonstrated; strategy and solution documentation. 

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Develop and perform standard queries to ensure data quality, identify data inconsistencies, missing data and resolve as needed 2. Perform Data management, analysis, and manipulation functions. 3. Standardize data naming, data definitions and modeling 4. Perform data extraction, storage, manipulation, processing, and analysis 5. Collect, profile, collate and map appropriate data for usage in new or existing solutions as well as for ongoing data analysis activities 6. Interpret Customers functional and information needs and turn them into functional or data requirements, process models, etc. 7. The audit, uncover and resolve data integrity issues 8. Develop reports, dashboards, and processes to support business operations.

b) Data Scientist 

 OBJECTIVE/ PURPOSE OF THE JOB: The passionate and committed Data Scientist will be responsible for developing data-driven business solutions using advanced analytical tools and techniques to achieve the desired business results. The Data Scientist will work cross functionally in helping engineers solve complex problems by designing analysis and algorithms to achieve desired results. 

EDUCATION, QUALIFICATIONS, AND SPECIFIC EXPERIENCE: 1. MS/BS/Ph.D. with at least 5 years working experience. 2. Strong experience applying quantitative methods and machine learning to large-scale business problems 3. Preferably with a Statistical background, having a deep interest in quantitative topics. 4. Solid understanding of data/analytics algorithms and data structures in specific, and software engineering concepts in general. 5. Experience with any of R, Python, and/or SQL is essential. 6. Knowledge of Core Java. 7. Understanding of cloud based Machine Learning platforms is a nice to have. 8. Apache Spark ML experience would be a huge plus. 

KEY RESPONSIBILITIES 1. Play the role of a link between the data engineers and the development team. 2. Build data models and develop complex machine learning algorithms to draw conclusive information. 3. Ensure that the derived information is well researched, accurate, easy to understand and unbiased. 4. Automated data processing & model training 5. Build and manage custom dashboards and ETL pipelines 6. Design and setup experiments. 7. Analyze and report on the results

Required: Fresh graduate B.Sc Statistics, B.Sc Mathematics, B.Sc Computer Science, M.Sc Computer science. 
We have no preferences in terms of grades, previous experiences, etc. Our sole purpose is to find the most deserving candidates who have the willingness and ability to learn and grow with the company in the areas of Big Data Engineering and Data Sciences. Details of the Ideal candidate profile can be found on pages 15 and 18 of the document titled - Third Eye CSS  _ Data Engineering & Data Sciences Internship Program.

Duration of Internship * : 

February to May and those who successfully complete Internship will be absorbed full time upon completion of examinations.  

CTC: Upon successful completion of Internship, CTC will commensurate with the market at  INR 3 to 3.5Lks per annum, with a rather large range in front depending on the skill candidates acquire and/or the position they move into. e.g. data scientist acquiring data engineering skills or vice versa would be remunerated accordingly.

Stipend *  
During internship we do not have a formal stipend, however, we have a project allowance of Re. 250 per hour for time spent on client project work that the students undertake during the course of the internship. There will be one full month of project work (Minimum 160 hours) mandated as part of the internship program, and additionally based on topic areas the interns will undertake project related work on a planned basis, which will be remunerated.

Interested students are requested to mail their updated RESUME at:  by mentioning the Position you are applying and from St. Xavier's College

Last date: December 30, 2016

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