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A dynamic forum for the Kolkata-car-owners to promote motoring and instill love for the city Initiation Published by Guide India Publication, 'Kolkata on WHEELS' is Kolkata's first city-centric monthly motoring and lifestyle magazine. Guide India Publication, a city based organization formed in 1996, rode high on the success of best sellers like ‘Car & Driving’ handbook and ‘Dressing & Etiquette’ handbook. In October 2008, supported by Automobile Association of Eastern India, the house came up with the concept of launching a magazine exclusively for the car owning citizens of Kolkata. Agile reporters and passionate columnists travel through the lanes and by-lanes of the city to discover the untold tales that have remained hidden under the dust of time.Mission Promote ‘Motoring’ & ‘Kolkata’. Motoring Despite its rich history of motorsports, Kolkata had a very conservative outlook towards motoring. The tarmacs were dominated by chauffeur-driven hatchbacks and the battered yellow ambassador taxis. The city needed a serious image overhaul in its motoring scenario as road conditions improved in and around the city and the number of car owners harboring a passion for amateur-motoring across the country rose. The Journey The team initially focused on spreading awareness about the city which is like a vast cauldron of eclectic cultures. The magazine started with 5 major columns that are still running strong. Each one of these is aimed at enriching the readers about motoring and the city of Kolkata. Simultaneously, the house has been regularly conducting monthly drive tours along with holding cross-country rallies, conducting spectacular car gymkhanas, thrilling road legal drag races, interesting car treasure hunts and many such motoring events. Along the Way Globally, in recent years, print media has been hit badly by online media. Nevertheless,‘Kolkata on WHEELS’ continued its upward climb while welcoming more and more like-minded car-owning Kolkatans in its fold. Team WHEELERS The love of car owners and the continuous support from concerned authorities and advertisers inspired ‘Kolkata on WHEELS’ to combine motoring with the task of building social camaraderie through regular motoring activities. ‘Kolkata on WHEELS’ launched a unique concept – ‘Team WHEELERS’ - a forum of life-Wheelers aimed at bringing the amateurs yet passionate motorists of the city under an umbrella. Facilitated by ‘Kolkata on WHEELS’ this group drives to different parts of the country together in convoys and has quietly created an impressive motoring fraternity in India. Cars, KOLKATA, fun!!! Today, ‘Kolkata on WHEELS’ is 54000+ subscribers and 300 Life-WHEELERS strong fraternity. On this fascinating drive ahead, we invite every motorist of Kolkata to be a part of the journey called ‘Kolkata on WHEELS'.

Kolkata on WHEELS, ( the only city-centric English motoring magazine of Eastern India is searching for a Sub-Editor and Marketing Executive.

The ideal Sub-editorial candidate should have a flair for writing and competent communication skills, a basic understanding of story angles, should be able to come up with fetching story ideas and understand the dynamics of both print and online media. 

It is a full-time position. 

Joining: On immediate basis. 

The ideal Marketing Executive should be an ardent learner, should have a working understanding of Print and Online Media revenue dynamics and should be a good communicator. 

Full-time position. 

CTC: as per the corporate norms

Interested students are requested to mail their RESUME at:  within 10 days

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