Friday, May 17, 2013


Dear Students and Parents,

Wipro IT parents & students orientation meeting on May 18th   (Saturday)  at 10:00am is being postponed.

The above meeting will be held on May 25, 2013 at 10 am . 

In this connection, would request  you to kindly send me a list of all the accompanying Parents names.  We would like at least 1 parent to assist but we are open to not more than 2 parents accompanying the students.

Also, remember that all the students and parents to carry an Govt. issued Identity card, ( Voters id or Pan card) and not to carry any recording device ( Pen drive, laptop or any other electronic gadget expect mobile phones.) as it for the security purpose as advised by  the security wing of the facility.

1.  Sayon Ghosh                             : ECOA
2. Aanher Arif                                : ECOA
3. Gaurav Trivedi                         : STSA
4. Aritra Mitra                               : CMSA
5. Annesha Ghosh                         : CMSA
6. Shantanu Roy                            : CMSA
7. Sukannya Das                            : CMSA
8. Tanaya Bala                               : CMSA
9. Chandni Ghosh                         : CMSA
10. Sanchayan Sakkar                  : CMSA
11. Gaurav Bhadra                       : CMSA
12. Anuvabh Dutta                       : CMSA
13. Soumyadeep Tarafder            : CMSA
14. Nabraj Sen                                      : CMSA
15. Anirban Mukhopadhyay        : CMSA

Request you to kindly enrolled your and parents name at Placement office by May 22, 2013 by 12 noon so that we can forward the same to WIPRO. 

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