Tuesday, August 26, 2014




The Assignment will be  Sectoral research , Govt. Policy Research & Analysis  and Developing  Professional Project Reports.

Extensive Research work is required followed by Project Report preparation.
Stipend will be Rs 7500 - 10000/- fixed per live project   depending on the merit of the candidate.
 It’s an in-house live project and hence no travelling is involved  except on a very few occasions 

Flexi Timing  will be offered  to the Intern.( 11 a.m – 4 p.m , 4 days a week )
 Laptop/desktop at home with internet is desirable.
Project Duration – 1 month – 2 months

Candidates from Economics Dept, Commerce dept. ( E-Commerce ), Evening Programs. Also other interested candidates (F/M ) are encouraged to apply.

Candidate must have exposure to Facebook , Flipkart, Snapdeal , online transactions, familiarity with Mobile Apps ( applications ) , mobile based games or any other social media sites.

If interested please do send us  resumes  so that the interviews can be conducted ASAP.
 manas.mandal@ingreens.in  by September 3, 2014