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Switch, a new born agency based out of Kolkata with the intent to create a culture of incorporating excitement into the daily work that we do. Turning up with unconventional approaches is the key formula for us and it’s not said and done in a moment. You can never come up with something great unless you work in an environment that complements your talent. We are proud that we have successfully integrated it into our agency. If you are aiming for that eternal satisfaction after framing a quirky piece then we have a place for you. Our existing clan consist of some proficient individuals who are looking for some adept co-workers to work with and help us to procure that position which will be impossible without you.If you have the bent and you know that you can put that bent in the universe then may be its time for you switch into our world.

Require: BMM, English, Pol Sc, Sociology, Mass Com

Opportunities : There are no stops here. You can be an animator, content writer, photographer, editor, videographer, illustrator, guitar hero or pizza maker.
If you are creative & willing to learn things you are welcome. 
Drop us examples of your work on:

Internship Period: 2 months (Winter Internship) 

Stipend Offered: Rs.5555 per month

Contact Us
Switch - The Idea Factory
P-249 Purna Das Road
Kolkata - 700029
Call      : +91 98303 30825

Last date: Nov 20, 2014

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