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In the realm of publishing and knowledge, the place occupied by the Oxford University Press (OUP) is unparalleled. It is the largest university press in the world and the second oldest. Today, OUP publishes in more than 40 languages, with a presence in 52 countries worldwide. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. It was founded to further the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Its first book was printed in Oxford in 1478, just two years after the first printing press was set up in England. From the late 1800s OUP began to expand significantly, opening its first overseas office in New York in 1896. Other international branches followed, including Canada (1904), Australia (1908), India (1912), and Southern Africa (1914). We offer an enormously diverse range of books, journals, and online services—we publish
dictionaries, schoolbooks, academic and professional titles, English Language Training books, scholarly and reference databases, general interest books, children’s books and even sheet music in a variety of print and digital formats. We publish around 6,000 new titles worldwide annually!

Location :  Delhi

JD : Across 4 divisions – editorial, commissioning, sales, marketing 

The Commissioning team is responsible for building
up a publisher’s list for specific genres. At OUP India,
we work mainly on social sciences, law, medicine, and
trade books. The commissioning editors are the key
link between the initial proposal for a book submitted
by a prospective author or product and the published
work, including post-publication sales, marketing,
and author management. The job requires sound
subject knowledge, good business sense, analytical
and assessment skills, excellent communication and
interpersonal skills, and the ability to juggle various
An intern would be taken through the following core
areas of the profile:
• Assessing book proposals and manuscripts
• Doing a profit-and-loss analysis of a product
• Understanding the contractual process and the
• Market/readership analysis
• Liaising with authors, reviewers, desk editors,
designer, sales and marketing team, and finance/
The intern will experience how a book idea is
converted into a product. Internship period: 1 May

to 21 June 2018.

One can never overemphasize the importance of
Editorial in the publishing industry. It is one of the
core functions of a publishing house. It is the editors
who sieve through the text, lay it out, and bring it
to life for the readers. Being an editor entails the
challenge of balancing time and quality; deadlines and
meticulousness; and presentation and substance. It
will bring out the best in you in terms of professional
attitude. To be able to succeed in Editorial, you should
have very high attention to detail, excellent academic
credentials and communication skills, and top-notch
time management and multitasking skills. As an
intern with the Editorial department, you will get the
opportunity to work on:
• Copyediting manuscripts written by some of the
best minds of India
• Quality checking edited manuscripts to ensure that
they meet the high standards of OUP
• Writing book blurbs that compel the reader to buy the

• Giving ideas for cover designs that make our books stand
out as a beautiful product
• Proofreading manuscripts to ensure that they are ready for
the market and the reader
• Proofreading marketing materials to ensure accurate and
appropriate information
A stint with Editorial will leave you with professional
rigour, high standards for the written text, and increased
productivity skills—characteristics you need to succeed in any
industry, any function. Internship period: 1 May to

21 June 2018.

Production is one of the core functions of a publishing
house in which we are responsible for multiple tasks,
starting from typesetting of a manuscript to its final
publication. The team is responsible for converting a
manuscript to a book. Our job is always challenging in terms
of balancing deadlines and ensuring quality besides being
meticulous. To be a successful production professional one
should have technical understanding of typography, software
like InDesign, Photoshop, Acrobat Professional and Pit Stop,
and a thorough knowledge of paper and print management.
As an intern with the Production department, you will get the
opportunity to learn:
• Creating a cast-off that gives a tentative page extent of a
raw manuscript
• Preparing a cost estimate of a project to share information
with all stakeholders for profitability
• Typography to ensure that a typeset page looks good and
ensures readability
• Image correction to ensure that images are printed well in
the final product
• Preflight checking of a file to ensure the printability of a PDF
• Colour management
• Quality assurance in printing, binding, packaging, etc.
Students from a Printing Technology background will be
given preference. Internship period: 2 April to

24 May 2018.

The Marketing team creates innovative marketing strategies
to engage audiences with the firm’s products. The ability to
prioritize and adjust to varying workloads is important, as
well as adaptability and flexibility. A good level of reading
and editing skills are required, to enable a person to quickly
prepare communications to sell products. An internship in
Marketing may include:
• Helping on specific marketing campaigns—carrying out

to brief and within budget. This may include product and
discipline marketing, direct marketing, publicity, trade and
other promotions, e-marketing campaigns, etc.
• Branding and communications support, including
preparing and designing of catalogues, flyers, leaflets, etc.
• Building knowledge of authors and an awareness of
competitors’ and own performance (strategy/revenue/
proftability, etc.) in order to develop marketing plans
• Supporting authors (including author letters, assistance
with events and launches, invites, etc.)
• Identifying and contacting potential partners for tie-ups
and promotions. Preference will be given to candidates
from a management/marketing background. Internship

period: 2 April to 24 May 2018.

The Sales team works on the sales and product-collection
budgets through year-round product and customer
promotions and customer-focused management of the
territories across India.
An internship in Sales may include:
• Assisting the Sales team in institutional promotion,
customer support and management, and other planned
promotions to relevant channels and customers
• Following devised plans and strategies to drive the demand
for our titles through engagement at faculty and library
• Supporting the Sales team to achieve the regional
sales target for the division. Preference will be given
to candidates from a management/sales background.

Internship period: 2 April to 24 May 2018.

Demand Planning
The Demand Planning department comprises three distinct
• Demand Planning
• Reprints Manufacturing
• Publications/Title Management
The internship programme would provide you with an
understanding of the fundamentals of demand management
and planning, process flows, and roles/responsibilities and
accountabilities, which include product classification, data
analysis, demand forecasting, inventory planning, and order
We are a key back-office department that interacts with
every other department in OUP. Preference will be given to
candidates with a management background, especially in
logistics, operations, inventory management, and demand

planning. Internship period: 2 April 2018 to 24 May 2018.

Require:  Graduate / Postgraduate students in humanities/social sciences / law/literature/sales/marketing

Stipend: Rs.15000/-  pm

Application Process and Next Steps
The application and selection process has the
following stages:
1. Application
2. Interview
3. Selection
What should the application contain

Please email the following documents to
1. Your CV
2. A covering letter
3. A 500 word essay on “Why I Should Be Selected
for an Internship at OUP”.

Last date: November 10, 2017

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