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Hulladek Recycling is an adventure embarked on in early 2014, which turned into an establishment that specializes in management of Electronic Waste in Kolkata. More emphatically, we are the only company of its kind to engage in such an activity in Eastern India.
We,at Hulladek Recycling have been operating for the last 12  months as an Authorized Management Centre of Electronic waste, with a demography spanning from Bhubhaneshwar in Odissa to Guwahati in the North East.
Waste management has always been a cause of concern in our country. People litter the roads even with dustbins 20 feet away and so to us bringing recycling into everyday lives is more an inspirational job than business.
We are expanding and we are looking for bright minds who have the passion and grit to make a difference.

About the internship

 We are looking for suitable candidates for the Institutional concept marketing internship.
We are looking for smart, outgoing personalities with excellent communication skills. Concern and consciousness towards the environment is our brands DNA. Therefore it would be great if you could share with us examples from your life, which depicts the same.

Require : Any year - Bcom/BBA/English/Mass Comm./Sociology/Economics

Internship period: 12 weeks between May - September

Hours : 30 Hours per week

Stipend Offered: Upto Rs. 2500 per week based on performance.

Contact us :  ; 9836105003

Last date: April 4, 2015

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Nandan Mall said...

Hi , I am Nandan Mall founder of Hulladek Recycling. Its great to see the amazing response ive been already receiving from Xaverians regarding this internship. I understand that the subject matter of the internship is a little hatke and will need some explaining. i would request you to email us with your specific queries on the above mentioned email address and we will get back to you. Also if you do not have any queries and think you can make a difference to this world feel free to send in your resume and we will contact you.
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