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About the Program: Josh organisers , is a unique opportunity for college students to go beyond classroom learning and work in a professional set up with a dynamic group of individuals committed to affecting change in the world. The program, centered around Josh Talk’s marquee conference to be held in the last week of August 2015, aims to provide the selected individuals with a chance to experience firsthand, the work that goes behind organizing a professional conference, featuring some of the most influential individuals of our times, each having an incredible story to share.
About the Organization: Josh Talks is a platform that showcases India’s most inspiring stories. It features and highlights the struggle that people go through, the pain they have to suffer and the obstacles they have to overcome to reach their ultimate goal of success. It aims to disrupt you, move you, motivate you and inspire you.
Duration: 1 month   
Location: Kolkata
Roles and Responsibilities: During the program, the participant shall be expected to work on a variety of roles, such as outreach, sales, marketing, operations and event organizing. The aim of the program is to provide individuals a chance to work in different areas of business to understand the nitty-gritties in pulling off a major conference. The major takeaway of the program is not the kind of work you’ll get to do, but the people who you will get to work with. Right from fellow organizers, to the Josh Talks team, to the speakers themselves, you would rarely find such a diverse group of people working together to put up something whose very existence is to inspire thought by sharing the single most powerful stories around.

During the internship program you can work in the following departments:
  1. Logistics
  2. Marketing
    1. On ground
    2. Online  Marketing
  3. Event Management
The selected individuals shall have the following responsibilities:
  1. Outreach and promotion for the target market  
  2. Generate sales among various target groups
  3. Handle logistics and operations leading up to the event
  4. Assist  in event organizing during the actual event

Stipend: Expense Covered
  1. Certificate upon completion of program
  2. Attend Josh Talks Kolkata for free
  3. A letter of recommendation
  4. A chance to join the Josh Talk team
  5. Immense networking opportunities
Application form-

Last Date to Apply: July 27, 2015

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