Monday, June 13, 2016



Nearbuy is back with its third season of Nearbuy Ninjas!
Say yes to becoming a Nearbuy (formerly Groupon India) ninja and 5 weeks of great leaning, fun, supercool Nearbuy merchandise, a stipend and credits depending on your performance. We’re waiting for
you! But before you pack your bags, you should know what you’re going to
get for your blood, sweat and tears:

-A certificate of internship
- A letter of recommendation
- Branded merchandise
- Performance-linked Nearbuy credits.
- Exclusive marketing webinars from Nearbuy’s top leadership.
And for the extra-extra-special:
- Honour badges and rewards
- A straight promotion to Clanmaster for Season 4
- An opportunity to get the pre-placement offer
- Fully Sponsored trip to nearbuy office for a personal introduction to
the marketing team.

It is a virtual (work from home) internship and you don’t have to bunk your college for the same.

Job Description:-
We need ninjas—that means you—for a top-priority mission. As a ninja, your field duties will include (1) Having a gala time at our expense (we’ll give you nearbuy credits, you decide where and when to spend them); (2) Telling your friends about your gala time over social media; (3) Tempting your friends to have a gala time too. Obviously, being a ninja isn’t for everyone, so let’s break it down.  If you would describe yourself as someone with (1) praiseworthy networking skills; (2) a strong social network; and (3) a curiosity for all things marketing, you’ve got ‘Marketing Ninja’ written all over you. That being said, we do admit that not every ninja will make the cut. So here’s the deal: Apply now by filling in the form (we have provided the link below), and if we think you’ve got what it takes, we’ll invite you into the Ninja Camp. Also, 

Make sure that you do apply before 14th June.

Note: Forms will be only considered if they are filled via the link provided.

Want to know what all happens at Nearbuy office? Please check the link below:

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