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Parentlane App is a personal companion and community for parenting, baby care & child development. Parentlane App is a social product carefully designed to allow new age parents to capture every moment of their child development through photos, notes and share it with friends, family or experts who are connected in their network. Each child is uniquely different and Parentlane applies Data Science & Intelligence extensively to understand the child with several parameters with an inbuilt intelligent feedback loop to deliver/recommend personalized rich information delivered at the right time to build a big differentiation and win trust & loyalty among parents in India. Beta version of the product is set to go live this month and it already has some prominent entrepreneurs backing it up. We are incubated at Accel Partners Launch Pad, Bangalore The company is founded by senior leaders with over 2 decades of collective experience in E-commerce, Mobile, Banking, FMCG background and is ambitious to become leaders in this category in India. 

 Internship - 45 working days Location: Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai 

Role Summary: Leading Marketers are aware that the future of advertising is content marketing! Parentlane presents a unique opportunity for institutions or professionals dealing with children to market their expertise and showcase their profile to the right audience by producing & distributing content on our mobile platform. It's a great value to deliver value to the right target segment and market themselves as a thought leader or expert. 

Key Requirements: 1. Passionate about meeting & presenting to institutions (Clinics, Hospitals, Doctors, Pre-Schools, Day Care Centers, Teachers, Child Psychologists etc.) and influencing them to market their content on Parentlane 2. Assist in selection of content topics by working closely with Parentlane's content research team, get them reviewed or written by the experts in the community and managing execution of the program 3. Market the program in these institutions by executing or merchandising the branding elements. 4. Roll out Parentlane's 'Expert Certification' Program 5. Influence the Institutions or Professionals by marketing or sharing the content published on Parentlane to their customer database through our technology platform Goals: 1. No. of Experts or Institutions to be Enrolled for Content Marketing - Target 50 per Student in the Assigned Territory 2. No. of Parents who sign up and add their child timeline through Content Marketing Initiates - Target 500 per Student with Minimum 10 users from each Expert 

Eligibility Requirements: Graduates with excellent communication and presentation skills are a must. Preference given to candidates with Android Phone and Two Wheeler Payouts: We are proposing a payout structure based on performance on the goals. 

100% -120% Achievement - Rs.10,000/-  120% - 150% Achievement - Rs.15,000/-  150% Achievement - Rs. 20,000/- Apart from the above, a conveyance fee of Rs.2,500/- will be provided during completion subject to minimal 80% achievement. However, No Transportation or Incentives will be paid to students who do not achieve the minimum targets of 80% Certificates of Project Completion will be provided to all selected students in this project and exceptional students will be made pre-placement offer as well after completion.

Interested students are requested to mail their RESUME at:  by June 30, 2016

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