Wednesday, November 30, 2016



Location: Global virtual internship ( Headquarters in New Delhi)

Positions: Recruiting interns for Print Journalism (Content Development), Marketing, National Expansions, International Expansions, HR, Video Journalism and Graphic Designing.

Students background: Students from all courses are required. Students should be eloquent in English.

Content Development - To write quality news content for the App.
Marketing - To maintain the social media presence, market the App and write trending content on the social media sites.
Expansions - To market the internship opportunity and form new structures of Eat My News throughout the globe.
Video Journalism - To make videos of the latest news.
HR and TM - To take interviews, maintain databases and conduct team engagement activities.
Apart from the basic structural functions, interns can also choose to change their areas, in case, they are not at home with the job.
Also, a lot of opportunities are bestowed upon the interns to grow from one position to another.
For instance: An Author can rise to the position of a Manager and lead a base team. Further, they can rise to the level of a Vice-President and be a leader to the total team of Managers and Authors. This way, each intern get a proper hang of the corporate style of working and learn to take up new job stands and responsibilities. This also helps the interns to gain leadership skills and flourish further in the communicativeness.

Recruitment Process:-
1. Application form -
2. Telephonic interview Round 1
3. Telephonic interview Round 2
CTC: Virtual Internship Program

Last date: December 10,2016

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