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About The Indian Economist
A leading digital magazine that publishes authoritative commentary & analysis on business, economics, policy and culture. We host over 400 contributors from across 30 nations. We republishing agreements with the World Economic Forum and the Harvard Economics Review. Our team is vastly multicultural, and hosts individuals from 7 different nations. Working at The Indian Economist is highly rated (Glassdoor) because of our well structured management practices. Our alumni, supported by Letters of Recommendation from our organisation, have gone on to study at global institutions including Yale, Columbia and University of Chicago. We believe that programs at The Indian Economist offer a terrific mix of theory, case work and real world experience that can benefit students tremendously.

Read more about working at The Indian Economist here: Why work at The Indian Economist?

Summary of the Job Description
The exclusive Writing Program at The Indian Economist brings together a group of sharp minds to write crisp 500 word articles that help our readers understand (a) Big stories – how do these affect the reader? (b) Bigger picture & trends behind smaller stories – noticed a small event happening, but connecting the dots and giving the reader the bigger picture behind these The Writing Program begins at the Analyst position and climbs to the position of Senior Editor. Analysts work with Editorial Associates to pick major topics to write about.
The writers are encouraged to pursue their flair for analysis, research and and writing in any one of the following categories: (a) Policy (b) Economics (c) Business (d) Culture & Society (e) Science & Tech (f) Foreign Affairs (g) Politics
All articles are published under the Writer's name, giving them a body of published work that can be useful to represent the work done.

Time commitment: 15 hours a week
Application procedure for Analyst, Writing Program: Mail your CV to Our team will guide on next steps.
Criteria: The Indian Economist does not prescribe any eligibility criteria to apply for any roles at The Indian Economist. We believe everyone should be free to apply to The Indian Economist if they are interested.
Location: Digital (work-from-home)
Application deadline: We recruit writers through the year for the Writing Program

Marketing Analyst Program: Link to detailed Job Description
Summary of Job Description
For our marketing internship, we focus on a 360 degree internship experience that creates an exciting combination of learning modules, case studies and a real world application to marketing. It perfectly combines theory, cases and real world marketing in a 30-day program that will add tremendous value to your students.

  • Marketing Analysts at The Indian Economist will have a intense 4 week internship that will give them exposure to both the theoretical and practical aspects of marketing.
  • There are three primary aspects to the internship
    • Consulting Thesis: Analysts will be given a marketing subject area relevant to The Indian Economist to deep dive into and provide insights. The best insights will be considered for implementation. The thesis is structured to provide learning opportunities to analysts.
    • Marketing Learning Modules: Specialised learning modules created by our team are shared with Analysts to help them understand marketing theory
    • Experiential marketing: Apart from the focus on the theoretical aspect of marketing, The Indian Economist also encourages analysts to go out in the real world and speak to people. A 360 degree marketing program that involves communicating about the brand, gathering feedback and being a passionate brand evangelist.

Dates: 5 date ranges available (Starting 1st June/15th June/1st July/15th July/1st August). Each internship period is 30 days from the start of the program. The student can apply for any one.
Deadline: Applications close 7 days before the start of the program. For example, applications for the 15th July cycle end on 8th July. However, we urge students to apply earlier.
Application Procedure for Marketing Analyst: Fill in this application form - Application form - Marketing Analyst
Location: Digital (work-from-home)
Criteria: The Indian Economist does not prescribe any eligibility criteria to apply for any roles at The Indian Economist. We believe everyone should be free to apply to The Indian Economist if they are interested.

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