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 About us The single largest hazard in the milk available in the market today is that it is spurious milk containing dangerous chemical additives or residues. For example, cows are being injected daily with a double dose of a banned substance called Oxytocin, which is a hormone, to speed the process of let down of milk and also to obtain more milk from the cow’s udder. Apart from being painful for the cow, and therefore cruel, such injections also have the disturbing effect of advancing the age of puberty in children as well as resulting in an early onset of diabetes and heart disease. Malpractices like these are countless and go unnoticed, which is further fuelled by an ever increasing milk bubble where all that resembles milk sells. Puremilk is 100% antibiotics, oxytocin and hormone free milk. At our farms, located in Hooghly West Bengal, we don’t compromise. We don’t ask how to make milk cheaper. We don’t ask how to make lots of milk. We only ask this: how do we make milk better for the women and children who shall consume it. Puremilk is an enterprise undertaken by Auckland based, New Zealand Fresh & Natural Limited.

Location - Kolkata

Required: Any Fresh Graduate 

Position – Communication Executive 

Job type - Full-time 

Job description :  If you are a college graduate or a student who is looking to make a positive contribution to the lives of people by making them aware of the various merits of Puremilk and protect them against the malpractices in the milk market, we invite you to join our team. Job responsibilities would include working with creative agencies to develop marketing and communication materials for the purpose of advertising the brand. You will be required to develop distribution strategies by working alongside senior team members and the management and implement them by organizing and participating in meetings and presentations with distribution partners. 

CANDIDATE PROFILE Puremilk is currently hiring for full time and part time candidates. A suitable profile would be someone who is enthusiastic, intelligent, and hardworking. 

REMUNERATION Puremilk evaluates and compensates each candidate on the basis of his/her potential and contribution to the team. However, the starting salary including incentives for a full time communications team member will range between Rs. 30,000 - Rs.75,000 per month. Part time candidates will be compensated in accordance with time committed.

 Interested candidates can drop their resume at: by mentioning from "St. Xavier's College"

Last date: August 10, 2017

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