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Futures First is accelerating its eight-year success of innovation and expansion across major international financial markets. This achievement is driven by our cutting-edge recruiting, training, and development programs, as well as by our excellence in innovation and investment theory-based software. Futures First has a strong reputation as a leader in the financial services industry and as a premier destination for gifted graduates aspiring to leverage their analytical abilities through direct participation in world markets. Today Futures First employs over five hundred of the brightest and most competitive market analysts across five branch offices in India (Bengaluru, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, and Jaipur), and continues to recruit the best talent from the most competitive universities and institutes in India.
Futures First operates as part of the GHF Group, the holding company with headquarters in Mauritius, which operates research and trading advisory branches in Israel, Hungary, Romania, China, and Mauritius, as well as a global clearing business in London. Futures First benefits from the deep international experience of GHF Group in trading and clearing financial derivatives products on international financial exchanges and its core competencies in clearing, trading, research, financial management, IT, and risk management. Futures First and the GHF Group are fast-growing proprietary finance businesses that continue to raise the international benchmarks for excellence across the finance industry.

For B.Com students ( 2nd yr only)

Futures First currently is inviting applications for Summer Internships that will be held for 2 months this summer. This is a unique opportunity to work in the world’s most exotic, liquid, and well-developed derivatives markets and learn the business firsthand before even applying for final placement. This is an exciting challenge and an excellent opportunity for bright, analytical, highly motivated graduates to join a vibrant and demanding business and participate directly in today’s dynamic world markets.

Futures First is inviting applications from pre-final year students from the disciplines we consider during final placements. The interns will be analyzing and participating in international financial markets.

Key Skills for Futures First: Passion for numbers and calculations
Knack for identifying patterns in complex, dynamic market data Razor sharp intelligence and a keen sense of curiosity Acute ability to find high-value opportunities and capture them Integrity and loyalty Initiative and ambition High energy and perseverance Confidence under pressure Emotional toughness and resilience

The interns will be compensated according to their performance.

Interested students are requested to mail their CV to:  with in 7 days

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