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Rakshak Foundation is non-profit organization founded by Alumni from India's elite educational institutes like the IITs and IIMs and is based in California, USA with a partner organization in India. Rakshak foresees citizen awareness and participation in governance as the first step in understanding and resolving the most pressing social issues in India like corruption, education, health,  accountability, efficiency and transparency etc. The highly dedicated think tank at Rakshak Foundation does analysis and research on various public policy issues including Parliamentary bills and provides its recommendations to decision makers. In the last few years, Rakshak Foundation has been invited 10 times by the parliamentary committees for oral deposition.

 Research Program:
Summer Research program aims to engage the youth in governance by giving them a first-hand exposure to policy issues and help them make a positive impact on the society. This in turn, would help the Foundation accomplish its objective of furthering citizen participation in governance. The program engages exceptionally motivated students from diverse backgrounds on research projects spanning the following research areas:

·  Legal and Social Research
·  Improving Accountability, Efficiency and Transparency of Public Offices
·  Accountability and Responsibility in Journalism
·  Promoting Responsible Citizenry
·  Improving Quality of Life - Infrastructure, Traffic, Pollution and Basic Necessities
·  Promoting positive aspects of our culture and society

Some Important Internship Details:
Stipend: Paid
Work Place: IIT Delhi or equivalent
Duration: 2 Months (May 12th to July 15th)

All departments are eligible to apply

Application form:

Last date to apply: February 15, 2014

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