Tuesday, September 29, 2015


AdviceAdda.com is India’s first website that aims to provide solutions to the problems of everyday life. AdviceAdda has networked with expert panelists of diverse fields that would answer the questions pertaining to different layers of life. Whether it is education or career, relationship or health, fashion or beauty, Legal or FInancial, AdviceAdda provides all kinds of solutions. Some contemporary and rising problems today, considered as a taboo by the society are openly deal on our website. Sprouting curiosities or annoying problem, Advice Adda provides the solution. 

Advice Adda wants people to realize that if there persists any problem, there is a solution too. What one needs is a person possessing correct approach with knowledge to deal with the problem. A person who believes in what we say and is reliable enough to protect our secrets. A person who wouldn’t mock the problems that we face and at the same time prevent any leak or sharing of information with anyone else. Generally, there is no one person who can provide all of life’s solutions with absolute understanding. In case there is someone with appropriate solution, we hesitate to share. Keeping in mind such peculiarities of life, we bring you the platform of AdviceAdda where users can with no hesitation, share their problems and get free expert advice from real time experts. AdviceAdda promises to keep your problems secret and your identity as anonymous. You can boldly come forward and fearlessly share your troubles that can help you resolve any problem.

Available Positions:

1.      Sales & Marketing Executives:  (no. of positions- 5)
The work of the sales and marketing would entail majorly in bring advertisers and experts to AdviceAdda.com, by researching, cold calling, personal meeting and then finally completing the task by bringing revenues and business to the website.
Remuneration: 2.4lac/annum + incentives

2.      Public Relations Executives: (no. of positions- 5)
The Public Relations Executives will manage all the PR and relationship management activities with the experts, partners and media associated with AdviceAdda.com.
Remuneration: 1.8lac/annum

3.      Content Managers: (no. of positions- 5)
The Content Managers will handle, curate and create unique content for the website along with generating new and interesting ideas for the content.
Remuneration: 1.8lac/annum

4.      Social Media Executives: (no. of positions- 5)
The Social Media Executives will handle all the social media accounts of the website by regularly posting updates and creating unique and interesting social media campaigns (video-images) that should engage and garner more user’s AdviceAdda.com’s social media accounts (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Reddit, Quora and Instagram)
Remuneration: 1.8lac/annum

Candidates for all the positions should have:

- Impeccable verbal and written English communication skills
- Dynamic and Extrovert personality
- Creative and Innovative bent of mind
- The zeal to work in a Start-Up eco system
- Hard working attitude and willing to work for long hours

Interested students are requested to mail their RESUME at: priyanka@adviceadda.com  with in 7 days

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