Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Artist At Work Productions is representing art and helping in spreading it far out and beyond. Now that we are recruiting from cities and towns all over the nation, your students have the chance of being a part of a nation-wide venture is here!

Working with the organisation will expose the students to a wide world of creativity, ideas, management and people. However, that’s not it! The position will open doors to development of a strong set of skills while also helping your students build a leader out of themselves.
  • With the post, they will gain a un
    ique experience in marketing
  • A chance to organise campaigns and events in your city, based upon ideas of their very own creation
  • With exceptional hard work, they always hold the chance of being promoted to City Head.
  • Art has no boundaries. This implies that they will get the opportunity of working on unique projects and exploring diverse avenues with their work.
  • They will be provided with certificates and letters of recommendation based on their performance in the 6-month tenure of their position as City Representative.
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