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Elearnmarkets is an online education platform, which is committed to take finance training to the next level. Now we use the convenient environment of the virtual world to extend to you the quality of practical education that had otherwise been confined within the bounds of classrooms. In short, ELM’s mission is to empower people who would like to build strong knowledge of financial market for the purpose of making money

Location: Kolkata

Position: Associate Development Research

Require: B.Com / BBA / M.Com - Finance / Marketing

1.      Research & Development for creating new courses related to Finance and Financial Markets with understanding of Fundamental / Technical Analysis, Financial Planning, Derivatives, etc.
2.     Research & Development on various learning tools / teaching aids for online training.  
3.     Create presentations & customized training matter, should have training experience in good institutions
4.     Develop & manage knowledge team
5.     Create presentations & customized training matter.
Skill Requirements:
1.      Very Strong understanding of various aspects of Financial Markets, Fundamental Research, Financial Planning, etc.
2.     Should have been an active financial market participant for at least 1 year
3.     Excellent Language / Communication Skills
4.     Excellent computer skills
5.     Knowledge of learning aids & e-learning
6.     Creativity
The ideal candidate should be young and dynamic, with good communication skills. Should have a respectable command over the concepts. Since Kredent Academy believes in practical application, an active Market Participant / Research Analyst would be encouraged.
CTC: More than 2 lac annual 

Internship Details:

1. Identifying and making extensive research on various features required to create an interactive elearning environment for online training of Financial markets

2. Conducting surveys and research on learner’s need, product planning, feasibility analysis, and developing a roadmap for implementation

3. Assisting the product team to get firsthand experience of planning and implementation of technology feature on

Who can Apply?

1. Anyone with clarity of thought, entrepreneurial ability, and keen interest in online education. Flexibility and ability to adapt to the ever changing needs of a startup is a must.
2. An ideal candidate will have a technology background (or must seriously be interested in web or mobile technology) and is curious to know the real-world implications of a technological product being developed.

3.Stipend: Rs. 2000 - 3000 + Kredent Academy Goodies + Internship certificate / Letter of recommendation

Campus: will notify soon

Interested students are requested to registered through online: - Placement Cell - Register for Campus drive

Last date: April 12, 2015



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