Friday, April 17, 2015


·        Experience: Not mandatory but preference will be given to people with relevant experience.

·        Industry Type: Jewelry Industry.

·        Designation: Production/Finance/Marketing/Management Trainee.

·        Minimum Qualification: Graduation from a recognized university.

·        Company Profile:
Satramdas Dhalamal, established in 1880, is one of the oldest and most reputed bespoke jewellery houses in the country. Our flagship retail store located in Park Street, caters to an elite clientele which includes leading industrialists, celebrities and high ranking professionals.
Our label “Raj Mahtani Couture Jewels” is now looking to expand aggressively with retail stores in Mumbai, Delhi and Hong Kong.

We have also organized shows around the world in cities like Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Dubai and New York.

·        Job Description:
The job involves an overall understanding of the jewellery industry. This would include the production process of jewellery, implementing and monitoring processes related to operations such as manufacturing, marketing and after- sales support. It also entails identifying new markets, prospective clients to generate more business and aggressively grow in India and overseas. We are looking for candidates in various categories:-
1.      Handling production processes and manufacturing facility.
2.      Marketing and sales strategies in India and overseas for the luxury segment.
3.      Human resources and staff management.
4.      Handling retail sales and in-store operations.
5.      Joining the board and coming up with new ideas to streamline business process.
6.      Handling computers and technical aspects pertaining to the business.

  All candidates should have a pleasing personality and should speak at least two languages fluently and have leadership skills.

Interested students are requested to mail their RESUME at: with in 7 days

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