Wednesday, April 22, 2015



In collaboration with Pratilipi - A Times Internet funded company - also India's fastest growing self publishing and reading platform , we are excited to bring a fantastic case study challenge for your students.

Competition Link Here:

Rewards on Offer:
  1. Prizes for the top 3 teams: INR 15K, INR 10K and INR 5 K respectively
  2. Next 10 teams will get certificates of excellence
  3. Internships (stipend 20K per month) will be offered to top candidates 
  4. Exceptional performances may lead to full time job offers (with above market salary and ESOPs)
Timelines and Registration:
  1. The registrations close on the 26th Apr challenge timelines are from 27th Apr - 24th May
  2. For more details and registrations please visit the Getmyuni website:

BlaBlaCar - an European ride sharing company which makes city-to-city travel in India affordable, we are excited to bring you a fantastic internship opportunity for your students.

Internship Details:
  1. 3 marketing/communication Internships (duration: 3 months) on offer with a monthly stipend of INR 25K 
  2. A company sponsored one week trip to Paris for training and induction
  3. Opportunity of a Full Time Job Offer for the best Intern 
This is a great opportunity for the students to get hands-on experience in marketing and communications while working in an international context. As always we request you to kindly circulate it in your college so that maximum number of students can benefit from it.

Timelines and Registration:
  1. The challenge commences on 15th April, and interested students will have to submit the deliverables by 28th of April.
  2. For more details and registrations please visit the Getmyuni website:

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