Tuesday, April 21, 2015


News Reporter 

Position Summary
Collect and analyse facts about newsworthy events through interviews, investigation, or observation. Report stories for television and the web.

Reports To Editor

·        Report news stories for broadcast, describing the background and details of events
·        Write/ review copy and correct errors in content, grammar, and punctuation, following the prescribed editorial style and guidelines
·        Research and analyse background information related to stories in order to be able to provide complete and accurate information
·        Gather information about events through research, interviews, experience, or attendance at political, news, sports, social or other events
·        Present live or recorded commentary
·        Investigate breaking news developments such as disasters, crimes, or human-interest stories
·        Receive assignments or evaluate leads or tips to develop story ideas
·        Discuss issues with editors to establish priorities
·        Revise work to meet editorial approval or to fit time requirements
·        Edit or assist in editing videos for broadcast
·        Write columns, editorials, commentaries, or reviews for the web (ndtv.com)

Knowledge and Skills
·        Exceptional verbal and written communication in English
·        Ability to build and sustain a network of sources
·        Ability to exercise editorial judgment
·        News sense
·        Flexibility and can-do attitude
·        Attention to detail
·        Advanced analytical ability
·        Ability to work in a team

Key Performance Indicators
·        Quality and quantity of stories submitted
·        No. of stories broadcast
·        Contribution to ndtv.com
·        Breaking / exclusives delivered

Profile – Qualification and Experience
Diploma/Degree in journalism from an institution of repute

Production Assistant 

Position Summary
Responsible for ensuring smooth operation of News Production and assist in various production activities in the Production Control Room (PCR)

Reports to Producer

·        Assisting in production of assigned program / bulletin
·        Ensuring that the assigned operation(s) in the PCR runs smoothly
·        Maintaining or exceeding the defined quality standards
·        Handling programs independently
·        Coordinating across departments to execute production

Knowledge and Skills
·        Editorial judgment
·        Interdepartmental coordination
·        Thorough knowledge of assigned PCR function and multi-camera setups
·        In-depth knowledge of editing / camera / graphics / shoots
·        Ability to perform under pressure
·        Good communication skills
·        Interpersonal skills

Key Performance Indicators
·        Ensure error free programing
·        Handling breaking news situation
·        Coordination amongst multiple teams

Profile – Qualification and Experience
Diploma/Degree in journalism from an institution of repute

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