Thursday, March 17, 2016


Summer Internship Program

Duration: 8 weeks, begins on 16th May

Description – Are you the marketing ninja, the go-to person at your college, the pseudoadministrator, the pro at everything? And you like challenges and love holiday at Goa? Wait, are we speaking your mind? 

Welcome to the Summer Program of The Dorm Shop - Be the Campus Evangelist of your college. If "jugaad" is the way of your life, and being challenged by the top student brains in India is exciting to you - you've reached the right internet address. From undergoing regressive mentor-ship to racing against time, the flagship program will have your adrenaline rushing. Beginning with a bang on 16th May and ending with a blast in Goa, this 8 week program will not only make you industry ready but will also add to your account balance.

1. Assured Certificate
2. Mentor-Ship from Business Leaders
3. Performance Based Stipend and Awards up to 50K
4. Best 5 Interns Win a Weekend at Goa
5. Winner Offered a Full Time Role at TDS after Grads

Application Form –
       1.     Name
       2.     Email Address
       3.     College
       4.     Subject
       5.     Year
      6.     Phone Number
      7.     Spending Summers at – Home, Holiday, Hostel
      8.     Your knowledge of The Dorm Shop
      9.     Facebook Link
    10.  Twitter Link
    11.  Instagram Link
    12.  Google+ Link
   13.  Positions Held In College
   14.  Past Work Experience
    15.  Crazy Bio
    16.  Expectation from the Internship

Contact –

Applications - 20th April

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