Wednesday, September 28, 2016



Covetlo is an AI Integrated, data driven, product search, discovery and sharing platform, which helps buyer stream line their online shopping time by profiling their online personality and building product recommendation based on their interest and social behavior.

Project Description: The project enfolds with various activities performed on the website, for which the students will be informed way in advance. The students will have to complete the survey based upon the parameters pre-decided and can also add on their inputs about the website in a market survey designed by The SmartTree & Covetlo. The students will be conducting a thorough research on the website, participating in the leaderboard and get 5 people each day in an activity which is designed for 5 days per student. The activity is designed for 15-20 minutes every day and is completely virtual with each student sourcing 5 new users every day. They will then be completing the survey after collecting feedback from each user being sourced by them to work on the website and adding their reviews and value adds to it and submitting it to The SmartTree.

Eligibility criteria (Department/Courses and Years): Students working on the project will have to follow the guidelines mentioned below.
·         The students will have to source 5 people to conduct the survey each day excluding themselves.
·         At the end of the activity each day they need to compile a report with feedback from each user and at the end of the 5 day activity they need to share the report with us.

Benefit for students: Students get to work with professional team, get trained on large market survey model, understand project management, get to work with live business case and get a certificate.

Location ( Full-time/Part-time or Virtual): Virtual
Deadline30.09.2016- 23:59
Start Date01.10.2016-10:00
End date14.10.2016- 23:59

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