Wednesday, September 7, 2016



The Indian Economist, a leading digital magazine, would like to invite students of your esteemed institution to apply for a 4 week long work-from-home internship program that will equip them with valuable skills in the areas of editorial  & strategy

a. Senior Associate, Editorial: Job Description
Participate in the core function of editing articles and speaking with columnists. The editorial role is among the most elite at The Indian Economist.

b. Associate, Post Product: Job Description
Help define the final article published on The Indian Economist by playing a critical role in the most creative elements of running a magazine. From titles & captions to images and much more, the Post Production Team consists of the creative geniuses at The Indian Economist.

c. Associate, Content Partnerships: Job Description
The Content Partnerships Team is responsible for strategic partnerships with blogs & magazines. Join this team if you are interested in strategic alliances.

d. Associate, Content Committee: Job Description
The Content Committee helps define the articles published on The Indian Economist. They are in recharge of the article republishing function. The job involves reading articles all day long, so apply if you love reading! 

Application procedure
Send in your CV to: Our HR Team will let you know of next steps after that.

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