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ETV Bharat – is a national news platform with extensive news gathering set-up with a path-breaking portfolio capturing and delivering news as it breaks. Envisioned to build seamless news services on a nationwide canvas, it will be in all major languages of India using contemporary digital platforms of video centric Mobile apps and web portals. ETV Bharat promises to anchor the experience for millions of news seekers. Its objective is driven by well-entrenched network with formidable bureaus, synergies and citizen journalism. This strong foundation for consistent and organized news gathering will facilitate comprehensive and updated news, views and infotainment deliverance to subscribers. ETV Bharat blends the legacy of its strong national presence adding new dimensions through special engagement with new age users. ETV Bharat of Ramoji Group has a very strong lineage of most trusted Eenadu and ETV with over decades of flawless track record of news dissemination and fearless editorial stance. 

Position: Reporter and Content Writer
Required: The Final Year 2017 batch Mass Comm, English, Pol Sc, Sociology

JD: Reporter - The primary job of the Reporter is to collect news ; 2. The Reporter , after collecting information on some newsworthy matter, writes the copy and sends that to the Copy Desk ; 3. The mobile app Reporter , being a Mobile Journalist or MoJo , takes pictures or shoot visuals for his story on his smartphone ; 4. The Reporter takes bites wherever necessary for his story and record those on his smartphone ; 5. The Reporter also plays the video editor, in that he himself edits the visuals for his story on his smartphone ; 6. The reporter prepares the whole story ( text, bites, visuals ) to the time limit set by the Copy Desk or the Input Editor and sends it ; 7. The Reporter always stays in touch with the Input Editor or in his absence with any senior person or the Copy Desk for whatever important information or news he gathers or learns of ;
Content Writer: The Content Writer’s primary job is to write contents. The contents can be hard news or news features ; 2. The Content Writer writes the contents from Agency inputs or from other sources on the net . When he writes from inputs from various sources , he writes it in his own language within the word limits as prescribed ; 3. The Content Writer writes the copies in an informal style which is acceptable by the elite people as well as by the educated commoners ; 4. Further , the Content Writer writes the copies precisely yet comprehensively taking into account the reading and viewing nature of a mobile user ; 5. The Content Writer rewrites the copies sent by field reporters wherever warranted ;

CTC: Rs. 2.16/- pa                                                                             

Campus: March 29, 2017                                                                    

Last date: March 18, 2017

Interested students are requested to register their name through online ( Placement Cell - Registration for Campus Drive).

**** Without Placement Card you are not allowed to sit for the process

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