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Brief Description of the Organisation Gandhi Fellowship is a Professional Program in Transformation Leadership for Social Entrepreneurs. The aim of this fellowship program is to nurture India's future change leaders by focusing on the Development Sector, which needs more focus at the grassroots and leadership in the form of Social Entrepreneurs. This is the flagship program managed by the Piramal Foundation for Education Leadership (PFEL) and Kaivalya Education Foundation (KEF). PFEL is a key initiative of Piramal Foundation. It is an institute that is rooted in the belief that, as a nation it is important to develop a cadre of leaders exposed to the complexities in the process of bringing change in social and public systems. The Foundation works to make a continuous impact in four areas- Education, Healthcare, Water and Women Empowerment, through thought leadership and innovative solutions and has succeeded in touching 50 million lives in 19 states in India. It has Corporate presence in Mumbai and New Delhi besides footprints in all the four zones of India. Besides PFEL, the successful initiatives of Piramal Foundation are Swasthya, Sarvajal and Udgam. Piramal Foundation has been honoured as the recipient of the Corporate Trailblazer Award 2015 from Prime Minister Narenda Modi. Today Gandhi Fellowship operates out of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Mumbai, Rest of Maharashtra, Delhi - NCR and Uttarakhand where it works closely with the education ministries of these governments to enable them in transforming the quality of education in government primary, upper primary and secondary schools.

Position: Fellowship

Job Description: Gandhi Fellowship is a unique 2- year residential Professional Program in Transformation Leadership for Social Entrepreneurs. It prepares Fellows to take on leadership roles as entrepreneurs through a process of imbibing and imparting change management. Gandhi Fellowship believes that to bring about large-scale systemic impact, it is essential to reform at the grassroots and that’s the reason the Fellow chooses to lead nation-building by making a career choice in the Development Sector. The Fellow undergoes a curriculum journey which is divided into 4 semesters, each having its own advanced and rigorous set of tasks and deliverables. Student Learning Outcome (SLO) is one of the deliverables that the Fellow enables the school and government bodies to achieve. This is the proprietary tool of Educational Initiatives who partner the Fellowship Program through various levels of Assessment. Change leaders often have a Big Idea which can become their Millionaire’s Dream as a Gandhi Fellow. The reason being that the Gandhi Fellow aims to impact 1 million lives in 10 years through a sustainable profit based model and for that sharp business acumen is an essential requirement. Starting from leading a community at grassroots within their challenges to building viable solutions on a larger platform gives the Gandhi Fellow a unique opportunity to work for India’s Development Sector, as a Social Entrepreneur. This program is best-suited to the youth of India who are looking for an independent and unique space in their career choice and who can take India forward in the Development sector as the next Social Entrepreneur. The Fellow is enrolled for these 2 years in a contract with PFEL to work in the education sector with government primary, upper primary and secondary schools and interact and intervene on a regular basis with Government officials under the Education Ministry and other allied departments of the government. Hence, the Fellow is expected to churn out solutions for unprecedented challenges that he or she comes across in the tenure of the fellowship. The Fellow is given a certain number of schools/government establishments in our operating states, to impact and turn around especially in the areas of quality of education and change leadership in the Headmaster’s role. His/her Innovation Skills, Risk-taking ability and ability to Influence without Authority are the key requisites in his leadership style which go on to help him achieve his tasks successfully. Daily coordination, through understanding of the systems at the school level and establishing the required associations with the Government bodies, bridging gaps and motivating the schools towards better and effective teaching methods with the support of innovative pedagogy designs are some of the tasks that the Fellow is engaged and involved in. Soon the Headmaster and the related government bodies become his partners towards a common mission and that is to achieve the status of a model school. In all of this, the Fellow him/her self goes through a transformation process where he is motivated to bring out his own leadership skills to emerge as a change leader.

Package Offered: For the selected candidates the fee for the leadership curriculum for each fellow is covered by the organisation and each fellow becomes eligible for the Millionaire Social Ventures - Social Incubation & Enterprises program supports aspiring social entrepreneurs through special idea incubation, business mentor-ship and start-up funding support up to Rs 20 lakh after fellowship graduation. Additionally, the fellows are entitled to an all-inclusive monthly grant of Rs. 14,000, a fixed monthly phone allowance of Rs. 600 and rent-free accommodation and other allowances as applicable: 

All you have to do is take some time out and complete our 4 step application process, so that you are ready for an interesting and reflective screening process, culminating into a final phase of personal interviews.   Click below NOW!

Required: All Final year students

Campus: March 27, 2017 at 10 am

Venue: Fr. Arrupe Mini Auditorium

Registration: On spot

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