Saturday, March 11, 2017



Confidential - Please do not share with others

The following students are requested to check their email and follow the instructions:

1 Aayush Agarwal 2nd year
2 Aayush Agarwal 2nd year
3 Aditi Patni 2nd year
4 Akash Soni 2nd year
5 Aman Chirimar 2nd year
6 Aradhana Sancheti 2nd year
7 Darshan Bhandari 2nd year
8 Darshann Kayan 2nd year
9 Isha Parasramka 2nd year
10 Kanan Shah 2nd year
11 Mayank Agarwal 2nd year
12 Nalin Singhal 2nd year
13 Navneet Kaur 2nd year
14 Raunak Kumar Ghorawat 2nd year
15 Ridhi Saraf 2nd year
16 Rohan Agarwal 2nd year
17 Sanchita Agarwal 2nd year
18 Shreya Ghosh 2nd year
19 Siddhanth Vijay 2nd year
20 Sristy Agarwal 2nd year
21 Sujo George 2nd year
22 Sumit Goenka 2nd year
23 Vineet Agarwal 2nd year
24 Yash Agarwal 2nd year
25 Zubia Mansoor 2nd year
26 Chandini Chamaria  3rd year
27 Divya Bhatia  3rd year
28 Ishaan Banthiya  3rd year
29 Madhav Mundhra  3rd year
30 Pavneet Singh Chhabra  3rd year
31 Prachi Choudhary  3rd year
32 Raman Kumar  3rd year
33 Ronit Jain  3rd year
34 Sakshi Agarwal  3rd year
35 Saloni Ghorawat  3rd year
36 Sanjoli Choudhary  3rd year
37 Shreyas Tripathi                                                   3rd year
38 Shristi Bothra  3rd year
39 Srinjoy Nandy  3rd year
40 Subham Jain  3rd year
41 Tanvi Tibrewala  3rd year
42 Tushar Bagla  3rd year
43 Vivek Karnani  3rd year
44 Yogesh Maheshwari  3rd year

All the best.......

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