Friday, November 10, 2017



Brief Description of the Organisation: Brishti Technologies Pvt Ltd is an Ed-Tech company
which runs, a global online tutoring marketplace with presence in more
than 10 countries and over 1 million users. We use cutting-edge technologies including
artificial intelligence, chatbots and machine learning algorithms to drive our platform.

Location: Kolkata

Required: Freshers or Passed out - M.Sc Comp. SC

Job Description: We are looking for entry level Web Development Engineers who are
interested to work on different latest technologies like Machine Learning, Bot Development,
Alexa App Development etc.

This primarily technology company, in addition to facilitating offline tutoring by connecting students to tutors, classes, and institutes, provides an innovative Virtual Classroom Platform for tutors to conduct online classes. Operating within India at first, MyPrivateTutor decided to take its personalized tutoring service to other countries like the Middle East and South-East Asia, where the demand for this was larger than its fulfillment. Customizing its products as per the language requirements and curricula of the countries it currently works in, this portal connects tutors to students outside their countries, as well. 

Operation With its primary focus area being K-12 Education, the company also offers training for • IT Technologies • Language Training • Exam Training such as UPSC, GRE, TOEFL, CA. Noting a significant demand for Afterschool Activities, MyPrivateTutor has expanded its horizons to include these under its umbrella of services, too. It has experts to teach almost anything – from Math to Magic, Arts and Crafts to Coding, Rowing to Robotics, Yoga, and more. These classes, mostly held offline, can be found in most major cities.

CTC: Rs.2-3/- lacs pa

Interested students are requested to mail their RESUME at: by mentioning "From St. Xavier's College"

Last date: November 18, 2017

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