Wednesday, January 6, 2016


    Zomato Student Ambassador Program (for 2nd and 3rd year studens)

    OVERVIEW Have you ever wanted to assist one of the best known start-up brands in India? Now is your opportunity! We are looking for ambassadors for the Zomato Student Ambassador Program at selected college campuses in Mumbai. These student ambassadors will be competing against each other to be the​ Best Zomato Ambassador o​n campus. 

    What is the Zomato Student Ambassador program? This program is an on-campus marketing opportunity designed to bring out the marketer in you and provide you with highly valuable resumé experience. The program is designed in a flexible way that fits your busy college lifestyle, while assisting Zomato’s marketing initiatives specific to your campus. You will have the opportunity to earn incentives based on your performance and the exciting chance to be considered for future Zomato internships. 

    Duties : What will I be doing ? As a Zomato brand ambassador,​ you will be working on various marketing activities and have ownership over at least one major project, or “activation” within your campus. 

    Who are we looking for? The ideal ambassador will be outgoing, creative, hard-working, entrepreneurial, and will have a strong presence on social media.They will have intimate knowledge of their college campus and the surrounding area. They will consider themselves as influential among their peers, will have a “whatever it takes” approach to their work, and will pride themselves on their school spirit and campus knowledge. Being independent and a self-starter is a big plus. Ambassadors should be interested in a career-building program. Obviously, all ambassadors should be willing to represent Zomato publicly.

    Key activities include : - Planning, promoting, and executing on campus and off campus events. - Sharing event information and student-centric Zomato content through social media and other student channels. - Distributing product samples and giveaways. - Use of new age media with a strong creative push to promote Zomato 

    Things to keep in mind : - Program will be running across multiple colleges across the city - Ambassadors should spend 5-10 hours per week on an average - Each ambassador’s participation will be tracked based on type of marketing activity and impact of that activity - Application Deadline: 11th Jan 2016 

    Benefits and perks : - Highly valuable resume experience with one of the most well known start-up brands - A chance to deepen your personal networks by developing relationships with students across campus and developing marketing skills - Participation certificate - The potential to win performance-based incentives - Exclusive Zomato merchandise and goodie

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    Are you on Zomato? If yes, how often do you use it?

    What do you like about Zomato?

    What does the word foodie mean to you?

    What does hungry sound like?

    Why do you think you are suitable for this role?

    Are you involved in any other extra curricular activities?

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