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Nwook provides work and study spaces at affordable hourly rates, while charging on a prorated basis. Work spaces, starting at Rs. 50/hour, come with Wi-Fi and beverages while study spaces, at Rs. 30/hour, don't. Study spaces are ideal for students, tutors and anyone looking to do offline work, while work spaces are for everyone. Packages of 50 and 100 hours are available for those who'd like to be a regular user. The spaces can also be used for meetings, workshops and small events. We are also piloting play spaces where people can play interesting board games. 

Currently operational at 3 locations in Kolkata, we plan to expand to other cities soon. This video explains the offering; the space owner video outlines the value proposition for a space owner. An RFID based PoS (Point of Sale) developed in-house automates the entire booking and invoicing process. 

Facebook page - link.

2. Location : Kolkata

3. Position : Marketing Intern 

4. Duration of Internship: 1 month

5. Job Description

Suggest cost effective ways to market Nwook. Come up with ideas which can make this concept go viral in schools and colleges. So, your main goal is to grow the user base. Managing social media and ensuring higher engagement will also be a responsibility. Also, feedback regarding other aspects of the venture will be greatly appreciated. 

6. Student background: BCom, BBA

Share your CV on It will be followed by a single discussion/interview.

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