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Kshitij Consultancy Services specializes in providing Currency Forecasts and Hedging advice to companies. We are known not only for the quality of our short to long term forecasts, but also as possibly the only forecasting firm to publish a track record on its website. Additionally, based on our forex forecasts, we provide hedging advice for forex risk management. Our proprietary currency hedging methodology, the KSHITIJ Hedging Method, has a track record of 10 years and has generated an average positive differential between Export rates received and Import rates paid in Dollar-Rupee. As per our track record, we have 72% reliability. Further, as per Bloomberg's global forecasters' ranking system, we had secured the 1st rank for December 2015 quarter. 

Job Title: Currency Markets Analyst (Part-time Intern) 

No. of Openings: 1-2 (Students willing to work before / after College Hours can apply) 

Period of Internship: Minimum 2 Months; extendable as per mutual understanding (Consideration would be made for leaves during Exam time) 

Timings: Flexible (but, Average Daily Time Commitment of 4 to 6 hours needed) 

Compensation: Minimum Rs.4000 per month or higher (depending upon time commitment and skill sets) 

Some Projects in which the Intern would be assisting: - Statistical Forecasting of Various Macroeconomic Indicators - Automating Client Hedging Spreadsheets & Reports (with formulae) - Creating an in-house Database of Graphs - Creating an in-house Hedging Dashboard for Smooth Hedging Operations - Improving upon existing Econometric Forecasting Models for different Currency Pairs - Dashboards for: o Correlation Matrices of different Instruments o Del Y / Del X for different Instrument Pairs o Forex Projections through Options Volatility Data 

Eligibility Criteria: - Students studying Economics / Statistics / Commerce / Management - Basic Proficiency in MS Excel (formulae, charting etc) and Google Spreadsheets - Understanding of Basic Statistical Concepts (Correlation, Multiple Regressions, Concept of Quartiles etc) - Keen Interest in Macroeconomics, and/or, Finance - Should be willing to do Extensive Data-work 

Takeaways from the Internship: - Enhanced Expertise in MS Excel – especially Charting - Insight into Global Forex, Equity, Commodity and Bond Markets + Application of Technical Analysis (Trend-lines, Elliott Waves etc) - Insight into Forex Hedging Concepts and Live Hedging Experience 

Process: 1. Email the following to 
 CV  Answer to “Why am I applying to this Internship?” – Word Limit : 200 
2. Telephonic Interview 
3. Basic Math / Statistics / Reasoning Test on MS Excel 
4. Personal Interview

Last date: March 17, 2018

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