Wednesday, February 11, 2015


arjava is a boutique financial services firm started in 2012. It has been set up by a group of seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs with extensive domain knowledge in the areas of Energy, Commodities, Infrastructure and Financial Services. We offer financial services (i.e. investment banking, private-equity and incubation), warehousing, real-estate and export services. We are headquartered out of Kolkata, India and have offices in Nagpur and Indore.

We believe in the entrepreneur in you. So here’s a chance to showcase your unique Business plans – If your ideas are path-breaking enough, you may get into our hub cum incubation centre or even walk away with your own funding!

What We Provide:
·        Capital – We provide with Startup Capital.
·        Infrastructure- Office space and office environment necessities (internet, printers, etc.).
·        Advisory Services-CA, CS, HR, Legal and Finance.
·        Relationships- Links to Industrialists, Experts, Specialists.
·        Mentorship- Business counseling sessions, Workshops, Seminars.

What We Are Looking For:
·        Start-ups and Business ideas which are non-brick and motor.
·        It should have a 3 member cofounder team.
·        Applicants should have formed a company for atleast 6 months.
·        Applicants need to submit a Business Plan with projected financial details for next 5 years.

The time frame for our incubation is 2-3 years depending on the requirement of the business.

Interested Candidates are requested to fill up the form from the link below:

For any queries contact us at:

Last date: February 20, 2015

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