Friday, February 6, 2015



 All candidates have to participate for a 2 week period starting from 02-Feb-2015 and ending on 13-Feb-2015; They can participate only on weekdays as markets are closed on weekends.

Any participation in Trade Mogul ​before or after the
​     ​                                          
​ ​
dates ( 2 Feb - 13 Feb) will not be considered.

·  They are free to participate as they please but their performance will be judged only in ICE Brent Crude. We will not consider performance in other products.

·  The key characteristic we are looking at are ability to participate in markets and interest level shown by each candidate.

·  Please instruct candidates to click here to register. Registrations through any other URL will not be considered.

·  In case someone has participated in Trade Mogul earlier, they still have to play.

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