Tuesday, February 10, 2015


As a part of the hiring process we would require all candidates who wish to appear for the Mu Sigma process to mandatorily fill the details in the sheet provided in the link below. Please inform the students to submit the form latest by Friday Feb 10th, 2015 before 1 PM

The link to the form is as follows – http://pps.mu-sigma.com/

This needs to be pasted in the browser to be accessed.

A few guidelines to be followed while accessing the forms –

·         This form has to be filled and submitted by Friday Feb 10th, 2015 before 1 PM
·         You will have to login to the form by using your Facebook credentials
·         After you login through your Facebook credentials, you will be asked to enter your Email ID in the Personal Details section of the questionnaire. Please use the email ID you prefer for official correspondence and ensure you use the same email ID in the campus process wherever required later on. Please note that this could be different from the email ID used for Facebook authentication
·         This form is part of the campus recruitment process of Mu Sigma and you are requested to fill in the form with highest accuracy and integrity
·         All fields in the form are mandatory, please mention “NA” if any field is Not Applicable in your case
·         This form is created exclusively for your college and publishing of this form in any other forum is prohibited
·         The details captured in the form is for exclusive use of Mu Sigma and will not be published/used  elsewhere
·         The submission of the form is mandatory to enable you to attend the Mu Sigma process
·         This questionnaire is compatible with browsers Firefox, Chrome and >= IE9
·         Please fill the questionnaire on desktop/laptop only – not on phone/tablet

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