Tuesday, February 16, 2016



Date: February 19, 2016                                                       


Time: 7.15 am 

Venue: Old Central Library (2nd Floor)


a. Report as per the notified time
b. 3 copies of current CV / RESUME 
c. 3 copies of current pass port size photographs
d. Original mark sheet (till date) and other documents and   a set of photocopy
e. Photo ID and address proof (Voter card, Pan Card, Driving licence, Pass port etc) 
f. Must carry SXC ID card
g. Dress code: Formal 

*** You need to registered in ZS site for further process (plz check your mail)

Process: Problem solving, PI

*** With out Placement Hall Ticket you are not allowed to sit for the drive

1 Poulami Roy B.Sc.(Hons.)
2 Yashvardhan Kanoi B.Sc.(Hons.)
3 Siddhant Jain B.Sc.(Hons.)
4 Gourav Shaw B.Sc.(Hons.)
5 Indrajit Ghosh B.Sc.(Hons.)
6 Priyanka Shyamsukha B.Sc.(Hons.)
7 Samraggi Chanda B.Sc.(Hons.)
8 Alfurquan Zahedi B.Sc.(Hons.)
9 Pooja Agrawal B.Sc.(Hons.)
10 Subhankar Khatua B.Sc.(Hons.)
11 Arpan Chatterjee B.Sc.(Hons.)
12 Madhuparna Ganguly B.Sc.(Hons.)
13 Rahul Kedia B.Sc.(Hons.)
14 Ariruna Dasgupta M.Sc.(Hons.)
15 Pritam Guha M.Sc.(Hons.)
16 Rajashree Chatterjee M.Sc.(Hons.)
17 Madhumita Santra M.Sc.(Hons.)
18 Megha Sen M.Sc.(Hons.)
19 Arkit Sen M.Sc.(Hons.)
20 Surajit Bhowmik M.Sc.(Hons.)
22 Subhodip Mukherjee M.Sc.(Hons.)
23 Biswadeep Das M.Sc.(Hons.)
24 Sagnik Raychowdhuri M.Sc.(Hons.)
25 Anindita Ghosh M.Sc.(Hons.)
26 Soumyajit Pal M.Sc.(Hons.)
28 Ayan Roy M.Sc.(Hons.)
29 Kaustuvi Basu M.Sc.(Hons.)
30 Kaustav Basu M.Sc.(Hons.)
31 Dibyabiva Seth M.Sc.(Hons.)
All the best.........

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