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 Locations; Kolkata/Lucknow/Varanasi/Patna/Delhi/Mumbai

Aangan works with children in dangerous situations like child trafficking, child marriage, hazardous work and abuse. Our prevention model targets 39 "hot-spots" across the country where children are most at risk - either because these are known red-light areas, sites of hazardous child labor or are associated with harmful traditions like high rates of child marriage and girl child discrimination. Here we work with parents, children and government officials to build strong care and protections that keep children safe. We also work in government rescue homes and shelter homes with rescued child survivors in order to make government rehabilitation systems are better equipped for healing, recovery and return to family life. 

     II.          Team Summary
The Training and Knowledge Consultant is a part of Aangan’s Prevention team geared to implement the hotspot prevention model through a monitoring and capacity building process (using an app) for community-based child protection workers. In 75 locations prone to child trafficking, child marriage, hazardous work and abuse, Aangan trains mothers as barefoot child protection workers. In turn they capacity build families across the community, using Aangan’s Child Protection mobile app. As well as develop a “family card” which uses family based data to generate priority protection action point for families, communities (of 300 families) and district/state officials.

    III.          Position Summary

This is an exciting opportunity with the potential to achieve a multi-faceted role, which includes;
·       Training and coaching Training and Impact Associates across different states and districts
·       Building and Managing relationships with Aangan’s Implementing Partners
·       Inter-facing with district and state level government officials.

In addition s/he will play a critical role in leveraging the power of technology and data to;
(i)               To support the Training and Impact Associates to implement priority protection action points for of 300 families across each hotspot
(ii)             effect and advocate for broader impact with district/state officials.
(iii)           Ensure a balance of progress against quantitaive targets as well as high quality and deep work for sustainable impact.
This role requires frequent travel(about 10 days a month at the minimum) to districts across 2-3 states that Aangan works in.

  IV.          Key Duties and Responsibilities
Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to:

·       Ongoing and hands-on training, coaching and mentoring of Training and Impact Associates who are responsible for training community child protection workers and who also work in close coordination with the government.

·       Monitor the effectiveness and quality of the prevention model across assigned number of hotspots and problem solve creatively with the Training and Impact Associates to address any challenges and barriers.

·       Developing training collaterals and conducting trainings for government officials (district level, staff in homes etc) on different aspects of child protection.

·       Support the Training and Impact Associates to consistently analyse data, prioritize and implement actions for 300 families and and identify local resources and opportunities that could be relevant and acessed in the context of solutions.

·       As part of a national team, presenting reports to state and distrcit level government officials and national level officials to push for actions, based on the data collected.

·       Implement the strategy for communication of findings from the mobile app, externally to government, other stakeholders, funders etc.

·       Build and manage relationships with Aangan’s local implementing partners to ensure that the child – harm prevention model is entrenched within the partner organization’s approach and strategic plans.

·       Ensure that all partners and fully satisfied with Aangan’s ongoing coaching and support

·       Enhance the continuous learning Training and Impact Coordinators team by supporting in the analysis and review of their monthly action plans etc.

    V.          Knowledge and Technical Skills

·       Excellent communication skills
·       Knowledge on different aspects of child protection with the view to create and develop training modules and collaterals
·       Ability to communicate data to authorities, push for action
·       Strong project planning and project management skills

  VI.          Competencies and Abilities
·       Ability to plan and lead small to large group training's on technical and non-technical topics.
·       Critical Thinking & Problem solving: Ability to action data and ask the right questions
·       Building Relationships, enabling and influencing others
·       Strategic thinking skills so as to conceptualize multiple approaches to solving a problem
·       Ability to multi-task and be resourceful in the face of uncertainty
·       Willingness to travel frequently

·       Education and Experience
·       A Masters degree in a relevant field
·       7+ years work experience

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