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Are you ready to be a part of the next big startup in India?
About Our Startup
The Weblisters is an aggregator of online businesses. We list, rate and review websites and apps that sell products and services online. We help users explore new and trustworthy online businesses and share their shopping experiences. Online businesses on the other hand get a platform to increase their visibility and manage their online reputation. We also run an exciting blog on ecommerce and startups where we write interesting content such as startups stories, news and trends, website and app recommendations, deals and more. We are connected with our users through all major social media platforms.

Job Profile
One of the greatest achievements in today’s digital world is to be able to grab attention of consumers. Do you have it in you to captivate the people of India? Can you market something absolutely new and change the way India shops online? We are looking for enthusiastic and creative individuals with great negotiation and communication skills and a knack for online tools. You will be required to:
       Create unique & interesting strategies for marketing
       Involve with Market Research and Digital Marketing
       Customer acquisitions as per targets

However the scope of job is not limited - The initiatives you take define what your job profile.

B.Com / BBA / M.Com - Marketing
                BA - English, Mass Comm, 
                B.Sc - Computer Sc, Animation

Location & Team
Our Cool & Cozy office is located in Harington Mansion, 8 Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Kolkata (near Camac Street).
We are a fun team of 7 young and enthusiastic folks!

Work Timings
Full time: 7-8 hours a day
Part Time: 4-5 hours a day
The timings are flexible.

The interns will be provided with the following renumeration, along with a additional benefits:
Full Time: Rs. 15000 per month
Part Time: Rs. 5000 per month
Renumeration is negotiable.

How To Apply
If you think youre ready for this, then send us your resume and tell us why we should have you on board! You can reach out at:

Last date: April 25, 2016 

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