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Location: Kolkata

Position: Management Trainee

Edible Group is a conglomerate of companies which manufacture and refine   various types of edible oils for more than three decades. We have been working tirelessly with the help of a well-equipped NACL accredited laboratory and R&D team to manufacture different types of edible oils at affordable prices.
1983- Edible Products India Ltd, our flagship company was incorporated
1987- Kanchan Oil Industries Ltd was acquired
1996- Vinayak Oil & Fats Pvt. Ltd was inaugurated
2003- A dedicated Sesame division was developed under Edible Agro Products Ltd
2006- The production facilities at Budge Budge Refineries Ltd was commissioned
2006- Export of Sesame oil & Seeds was commenced
2012- The  company began  exporting “Doctors’ Choice” Refined Sesame  oil  & Refined Rice Bran oil to IRAN
Our group companies are as follows:
·        Budge Budge Refineries Ltd. (BBRL)
·        Edible Agro Products Ltd. (EAPL)
·        Edible Products (India) Ltd. (EPIL)
·        Kanchan Oil Industries Ltd. (KOIL)
·        Vinayak Oil and Fats Private Ltd. (VOFPL)
Doctors’ Choice falls under the purview of VOFPL. It comes in Pure and blended variants. It has 5 variants which are as follows:
Pure Oil
·        100% Pure Rice Bran Oil
·        100% Pure Sesame Oil
Blended Oil
·        Good Heart (80% Rice Bran and 20% Refined Sunflower Oil)
·        Good Health (50% Rice Bran and 50% Sesame Oil)
·        Fit & Lite (80% Rice Bran Oil and 20% Refined Soyabean Oil)

Job Description:
         Getting a total of 1000 respondents from 5 top modern trade outlets, (Lake Mall Big Bazaar, South City Mall Spencer’s, Alcove Gloria Big Bazaar, Metro Cash & Carry and  Mani Square Spencer’s) to gauge the brand awareness of Doctors Choice
         Market research analysis of the responses collected and present to the management using SPSS or any other Data Analytics tool

Students Background: BBA, B.com, Mass Communication, PR. Need to have a strong work ethic, passion for public relations and a thorough understanding of SPSS or any other analytical tool. The hired candidate must work for two consecutive weeks. They must be available on calls and submit a report on final analysis. Candidate must be well versed in English, Hindi and Bengali languages.

Recruitment Process: Personal Interview

CTC: Daily allowance equals to Rs. 300 per day = Rs. 3000 for 10 days
 Last 4 days to be used for analysis

The student would also receive a certificate of appreciation signed by the chairman of the company

Interested students are requested to mail their RESUME at: shivam.agarwal@ediblegroup.in  by mentioning "Internship from St. Xavier's College"

Last date: April 30, 2016

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