Wednesday, February 1, 2017


The Indian Economist would like to invite students to apply for our Writing Program and Editorial Program. Both positions are digital (no need to commute). We kindly request you to let the student body know of the openings. They are open to students from all courses and years.

The Indian Economist is an acclaimed digital magazine that adds tremendous value to readers by publishing authoritative commentary and analysis on a economics, policy and culture. Hosting globally renowned contributors from more than 30 countries, The Indian Economist is also famous for its digital internship programs that have added great value to students. Our internship programs are known for their academic value and have resulted in satisfied students who would love to work with us again.

Read more about working at The Indian Economist here: Why work at The Indian Economist? 

Detailed Profile: Analyst, Writing Program

Detailed Profile: Associate, Editorial Program

Application Deadline: 21st February

Location: Digital (can work from anywhere)

Criteria: Students from all courses and years are welcome to apply

Application Procedure: Mail CV to
 Selection tests will be mailed to students

Period: The period of association is 6 months. Working professionals and students work part time at The Indian Economist. Due to flexible working hours, students are able to easily manage their commitment with The Indian Economist without sacrificing their academic commitments.

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