Thursday, April 27, 2017




The largest artist community is back for another round of recruitments. Artist At Work Productions is looking for Managers, Marketers, and Creatives (photographers, filmmakers, graphic designers, digital artists, content writers).
Artist At Work Productions is an organization that helps you discover your love for art and sculpt it in unbelievable forms. Our work is to gather great minds at an epicenter and let their passion transmit. We work in Graphic Designing, Fine Arts, Dance, Music, Theatre, Photography and anything else that means art to you.
Our aim is to provide artists what they need and artists to those who need them.

If you are an artist, or a budding manager, and want to take it further, this is the place to be.
Join us.

The applications are open to all courses and years.

Last date to apply: May 1, 2017.

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