Wednesday, April 26, 2017


With a legacy of 100 years of experience, expertise and deliberate pursuit of quality, Halmari stands tall as the best tea estate in India and ranked amongst the top 9 of the world. Adjudged as one of the finest teas from the world year after year, Halmari has left no stone unturned in honing its art to undoubtedly maintain an impeccable standard in Tea manufacturing. Situated on the Lush plains of Upper Assam, Halmari produces the highest quality teas from pedigree clones. Halmari Maintains the Legacy for 100+ Years, which Makes it One of The Best Tea Manufacturers in Assam. Halmari is the best Assam tea company that is maintaining its legacy for more than 100 years. Their pursuit of quality along with expertise and experience makes them count steadily among the top tea manufacturers in Assam. The standard of tea manufacturing is unmatched at Halmari. Thus, the tea estate is ranked among the best nine of the world. Even during the lean periods of tea production, Halmari Estate has the ability to produce the finest tea. This is how they have earned their brand name, which they are maintaining consistently with great pride.

Job description:
·         Tea tasting is the USP of the company for which no pre requisite skill is required. It is an on job training process
·         Tea Auctioning
·         Marketing
·         Market Forecasting
·         Advising clients on Tea-Manufacture
.     Auction, Tea tasting 
Position: Executive Management trainee

Requirement: The Final Year 2017 batch All Graduates, COP, M.Com

CTC: Rs.2.4/- lacs pa

 Interested students are requested to mail their RESUME at: by mentioning "For Halmari" 

Must save your RESUME file in your name only

Last date: May 2, 2017

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